I came on to lead the creative arm of the project with a focus on videos. Our goal to find a way to create a space that encourages dialogue and discussion about mental health between teens and their caregivers. We needed to create and package interactive curriculum modules that speak to topics teens are facing today, that are specific but relatable to a diverse group, and are worth engaging in.
We delivered meaningful videos that resonated with the target audience and impressed stakeholders, and came in well under budget. Our task was to make something that was authentic and resonated without being cringe or corny, and we did that and beyond in record time.

Selection of Pilot Videos

Our group of teens open up to each other and Dr. Jennifer on struggles of navigating Stress and Anxiety as a teen.

Our group of teens and Dr. Jennifer introduce themselves, set the topic for the module, and offer their individual definitions of grief.

We wrote a tutorial on Box Breathing for Dr. Jennifer to read as an in-app companion to the sisu content, and opportunity to share a tangible coping tool that can be revisited as needed.