I’ve had the time of my life collaborating on and creating such a wide range of projects over my career, here are some more recent things I loved making.


I came on to lead the creative arm of the project with a focus on videos. Our goal to find a way to create a space that encourages dialogue and discussion about mental health between teens and their caregivers. We needed to create and package interactive curriculum modules that speak to topics teens are facing today, that are specific but relatable to a diverse group, and are worth engaging in.
We delivered meaningful videos that resonated with the target audience and impressed stakeholders, and came in well under budget. Our task was to make something that was authentic and resonated without being cringe or corny, and we did that and beyond in record time.

Pilot Videos

Our group of teens open up to each other and Dr. Jennifer on struggles of navigating Stress and Anxiety as a teen.

Our group of teens and Dr. Jennifer introduce themselves, set the topic for the module, and offer their individual definitions of grief.

We wrote a tutorial on Box Breathing for Dr. Jennifer to read as an in-app companion to the sisu content, and opportunity to share a tangible coping tool that can be revisited as needed.


I was brought on to concept the app identity and find a way to bring a loose idea into clear cut vision through live interactive community experiences. From there I co-created, developed, casted, directed and delivered five one-hour interactive livestream shows for the product Pilot Phase.

Nike Journal

Nike Journal is a platform that offers a fresh perspective on sports and culture through captivating storytelling.

I joined on the agency side to oversee video production and facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and partners to concept, develop and execute videos for launch.

VICE Labs Department

VICE Labs began as an experiment to repackage content from the Vice archive, and we evolved it into an incubator for experimental content for VICELAND – a (mostly) unsupervised content incubator, creating everything from interstitials to pilots to internal communications, live event coverage and brand partnerships. We had the opportunity to play with all kinds of unconventional ways to share the humanity, empathy and curiosity that drive the brand.  
We won an Emmy award for our coverage of the 2017 Women’s March, took home several ProMax, Webby, Clio awards, and our interstitial work garnered VICELAND the highest viewer engagement with a 93.96% completion rate, outperforming competitors’ audience retention during ad breaks.

Interstitials + Promos

A small selection of the 100’s of pieces we created for the channel










Weed Week Specials

We took River L. Ramirez to get an entire town in Colorado high for Weed Week on Viceland.

Part of running an experimental department at a brand new cable channel is being resourceful. After a promo shoot for weed week, there was a huge pile of leftover props aka weed that we needed to make use of. So I wrote, directed and cast an overly dramatic comedy about it in under a month, winning us a ProMax award and creating a series of interstitials and a webisode.

A Quiz Show is a Game Show – the product of a very simple, very repeatable premise: Find three awkward strangers, put them in a room with nothing but a TV, and ask them questions to which there are no right answers. 
The pilot/special was made in two weeks, from pre-production to post. It was made entirely in-house and shot in the VICELAND studio
With only 24 hours of promotion, A Quiz Show increased viewership in it’s timeslot by over 50%, surpassing many of the Prime Time series on the channel.

The Hood Incubator is building a movement for cannabis justice that ultimately seeks to create a world where every Black person can generate wealth, health, political power, and prosperity for their families and communities. We wanted their mission to be showcased as a crucial element in creating equity in industy.

A collection of repurposed anti-cannabis PSAs from the mid-20th Century sheds light on changing attitudes over time (and how silly some of those campaigns seem now.

Viceland Voicemails


Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens

420 Special: Pilot

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer


Viceland Bus + Events

The VICELAND Bus is a mobile billboard, a content creation hub, a communication tool, a rallying cry, a safe space, a hang space, and the best damn place to be at any event at pretty much any time. When the bus was at an event, Vice Labs was there too, capturing interviews and experiential content to share with our audience. The Bus was part of history at the Women’s March on Washington, was host to the latest artists at SXSW, and even hotboxed during our Weed Week party.


The results of the 2017 presidential election gave us a renewed sense of mission: to ensure that the values of our channel were echoed in everything we did and to inspire action. We joined marches across the country with our very own VICELAND Bus as our protest sign and distributed pre-stamped postcards that could be mailed directly to the White House. We asked protesters to share their stories on camera and captured them reading their postcards aloud as part of this shortform series.

Desus & Mero on the Viceland Bus

How Action Bronson Destroyed the Viceland Bus

Redman DJs the Viceland Bus

Viceland Bus Case Study